Snowcat Skitour&Splitboard in Kackar Mountains

December - April

About CAMP

A snowcat ride every morning to the most inaccessible valleys, a hotel in the heart of the Kackar mountains, an attempt to climb the highest peak of the Pontic mountains, Kackar Dagi (3,937m), and the guidance of a ski guide from the Turkish Mountaineering Federation.

The location

Olgunlar is a town in the Kackar mountains. It is 2,000m.a.s.l. and surrounded by hills that are over 3,000m.a.s.l. Here, the road ends, and with it, your ability to connect to the internet. In the winter, the town is empty, and our guesthouse is the only place that has people living in it. With the help of a snowcat, we can go to a different valley every day of the week-long camp. Some of these valleys have never been seen by ski tourists. The village of Yaylarar is located 2.5 km away from Olgunlar. Although it only has a handful of residents during the winter, the settlement does have a food store (which only accepts cash payments).


6 nights in a double room at the Kackar Pension, a charming place with 15 double/twin rooms. Each has an en-suit bathroom, but the shower doesn’t have a shower cabin, which is unusual for many. The standard is hostel-like, however guests have given the facility a high rating overall (9.6 on and 4.6 on google maps). We check in and spend the afternoons in the hotel lounge. There is wifi, but the signal isn’t very strong, so it doesn’t always work. Most of the time, you have to go out to a nearby hill to talk on the phone. The guesthouse is maintained by a single family, and breakfasts are served buffet style, with largely farm-fresh goods such as butter, cheese, and jams. Dinners are usually made up of two courses, so everyone will leave feeling full.

You will stay one night (the day before departure) in a high-quality hotel in the heart of Erzurum, where they provide delicious and varied cuisine.

The price includes

  • Guiding by a ski guide from the Turkish Mountaineering Federation (TMF)
  • 6 nights in a double accommodation in the middle of the Kackar Mountains in Turkey
  • 1 night in a high standard hotel in the heart of Erzurum’s city centre
  • Kackar Pension offers 6 buffet breakfasts and 5 two-course dinners.
  • One fantastic breakfast (with more than 30 options to select from) in the heart of Erzurum
  • 1 special meal at the end of the camp in the centre of Erzurum
  • 6 days skitour/splitboard trips in Kackar Mountains.
  • 2 hour presentation of the terrain, opportunities, and hazards
  • Transfers: airport – Kackar Pension, Kackar Pension – Erzuzrum Hotel, Erzurum Hotel – airport
  • Spare snowcat ready to go! If a snowcat breaks down, the group moves right away to a second one. No one misses a day in Powder Days!
  • Snowmobile: If someone gets hurt, we are the only providers in Yaylarar with a sledge and a snowmobile to get them to a hospital.
  • Gifts from Turkey SnowCats
  • Unlimited Turkish tea 😉

Who is it for

The Snowcat Skitour Camp in Turkey is for those who:

  • In good physical and fitness condition–  They can manage to hike for 5 days straight while climbing an altitude of 1000m height covering 6km (5hours).
  • They can ski smoothly and dynamically down groomed black slopes (including steep and narrow sections). have intermediate/advanced experience of skiing off-piste, i.e. they can ski smoothly and dynamically in various snow conditions in open terrain (wide) with slopes of up to 35 degrees, as well as forests and gullies with slopes of up to 25 degrees
  • They have some ski touring experience and are capable of making turns in relatively difficult terrain.
  • Good avalanche ABC control.

Would you like to personalise the camp to your needs and skills? Write to us, and we’ll make you a special offer.


Day 1

20:00– Participants will be collected up at the airport (those coming the day before will be picked up at the hotel) and taken to the Kackar Pension.

Day 2, Sunday

8:30 to 9:45-buffet breakfast

9:45-16:00- We start the day with avalanche safety training to familiarise the participants with the knowledge of avalanche rescue. We then get on the snowcat, which will take us north – to the summer camp called Dupeduzu (2765m), from where we set off to the  mountain pass (3419m) below the rocky peak of Geztepe. We have 550m of altitude and 2km to cover and, most importantly, a 7.5km downhill ski with the altitude of 1,350m!

18:30- Two-course meal

20:00: Recap of the day and announcing the next day’s plan

Day 3, Monday

7:00-8:00- buffet breakfast

8:00 to 15:00 – We head south from our guesthouse. Get in the snowcat and ride 1000 metres up! We then do the last 300 metres of the summit with the help of out climbing skins arriving at 3050m, from where we ski down 500 metres of altitude to the valley leading to the town of Dargit Yaylasi – you can be sure we will be doing the first track there. We then strap on the skins and head back towards Yaylalar. The goal is one of the peaks next to the Kanucar Gecit Pass (3075m.a.s.l.) – 3165m or 3216.Then we have a downhill ski ride to the guesthouse – 1200 metres of altitude!

18:30- Two-course meal

20:00- Recap of the day and announcing the next day’s plan

Day 4, Tuesday

6:00-7:00- buffet breakfast

7:00-15:00- We’ll be making an attempt on Kackar Dagi, the range’s highest peak at 3,937 metres above sea level. Although it is theoretically simple, the journey from the guesthouse is over 1,800 metres in altitude and 11 km long, which, on a short day, does not provide a sufficient amount of time to reach the summit safely. As opposed to them, we’ll use the snowcat to get up the first 6 kilometres and 600 metres of altitude before the terrain becomes more steeper. This will leave us with 5 kilometres and 1,250 metres of altitude, as well as an extended descent of 11 kilometres and nearly two kilometres. The view from the peak is without a doubt breath-taking.

18:30- Two-course meal

20:00: Recap of the day and announcing the next day’s plan

Day 5, Wednesday

7:00-8:00- buffet breakfast

8:00-15:00-We get in the snowcat and head north again (as we did on the first day), but this time we go up 3km to the pass separating Yaylalar and Satelef Yayla, from where we climb 700 metres up a steep terrain of about 35 degrees, reaching the pass at 3050m above sea level and descending through Satelef Yayla, Korahmet, Karamolla, all the way to Yaylar – 8km and 1200 metres of continuous downhill skiing. An off-road car picks us up from Yaylalar and takes us to the guesthouse. In this way we make a beautiful 14 km long downhill loop.

18:30- Two-course meal

20:00- Recap of the day and announcing the next day’s plan

Day 6, Thursday

7:00-8:00- breakfast

8:00-15:00- We get on the snowcat, take a southern direction and go up 1000 metres again! From there, we head along the blue ridge towards the village of Modut Yayla – a beautiful blue ridge hike to the most out-of-reach village. It’s impossible to get there by car, so we’ll ski all the way down to the road, where a 4×4 off-road vehicle will be waiting. 1500 metres of downhill altitude over a 5km long track!

18:30- Two-course meal

20:00: Recap of the day and announcing the next day’s plan

Day 7, Friday

7:00-8:00- breakfast

8:00-12:00- A short but interesting ski tour towards the Yüncüler Pass, where a downhill slope awaits down a couloir surrounded by woods straight to the village of Yaylalar, from where a car will pick us up.

12:00-14:00- lunch and packing

14:00-18:00-  Transfer to Erzuzrum and check into a high-quality hotel.

19:00- Gala dinner to conclude the camp

Day 8, Saturday

8:00-9:00-there will be an out-of-this-world breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, the guests get transferred to the airport (there will be two rounds of transport- the first one will be early in the morning, and the second will be about 12:00.)

Please keep in mind that the guide has the right to change the route and schedule of the trip based on the weather, snow conditions, and the skills of the group.


Payment is divided into two instalments:

  • First instalment – payment within 10 days of booking – 30% of the amount for the course
  • Second instalment – is paid on the day the camp begins – 70% of the amount
  • Check trip terms and conditions
9/12/2023 – 16/12/20231300 eurofully booked
16/12/2023 – 23/12/20231500 eurofully booked
06/01/2024 – 13/01/20241500 eurofully booked
13/01/2024 – 20/01/20241500 euroWaiting list
20/01/2024 – 27/01/20241500 euroWaiting list
27/01/2024 – 03/02/20241590 eurofully booked
03/02/2024 – 10/02/20241590 eurofully booked
10/02/2024 – 17/02/20241590 eurofully booked
17/02/2024 – 24/02/20241590 eurofully booked
24/02/2023 – 02/03/20241590 eurofully booked
02/03/2024 – 09/03/20241590 euro6 places available
09/03/2024 – 16/03/20241590 eurofully booked
16/03/2023 – 23/03/20241590 euro6 places available
23/03/2023 – 30/03/20241590 euro4 places available


    Is it possible to book a place as a single person?

    • Of course, at each camp we divide the group into two smaller ones so that the level of people and expectations are similar.

    Can I book an individual camp?

    • Sure! You can book a camp at the price shown above if you gather 10 individuals. However, if you can gather a group (12 people) then each participant will receive a 10% discount! If you would like to book an individual camp with a smaller group or a customised programme, please ask us for an individual offer.

    When is the best skiing season?

    • The season lasts from January to mid-April! The highest dry snowfall (powder) is until March, while from March to the end of April the avalanche conditions are more stable and allow you to reach the highest peaks.

    When do you have to pay the deposit?

    • The deposit must be paid within 7 days of registration and the remaining amount 60 days before the planned ski camp.

    What is the level of experiance of the participants?

    • It is without question that you need to be experienced in off-piste skiing, the Kackar mountains are not the place to take your first turns off the pre-prepared piste. We divide each group according to their level and expectations, so that everyone gets the kind of skiing they feel comfortable with.


    • When: December - April
    • Price 1590 euro


      The number of seats is limited!

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